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Local Minimum Wage and Employee Records Requirements

I'm grateful to have discussed the implications of El Cerrito's new minimum wage with El Cerrito employers to help keep them compliant and on the same page as their employees.

El Cerrito is one of many cities that has imposed a higher minimum wage as well as other requirements of its employers. Some of the topics discussed during this event include the requirement of keeping employees' work records for at least three years, and ensuring they contain information, such as name, hours worked, pay rate and service charge collected. The employee record content requirements are similar, but less than, that of the California Labor Code requirements for employees' pay stubs contents. As discussed during the event, the penalties for failing to abide by the new minimum wage law can be imposed for a failure as slight as not posting the new minimum wage bulletin in a conspicuous location, as required. Importantly, employers cannot retaliate against employees who assert their right to receive the new minimum wage. Fines include up to $1,000 per instance of retaliation.

Compliance with local minimum wage laws is significant, not only to an employer's bottom line, but to employee loyalty and morale.

Besides consultation, we provide site inspections and audits to ensure employer compliance with the nuances of national, state and local wage and hour law.

Thank you again for the opportunity to Marty Kaliski of Marty's Motors, President of the El Cerrito Chamber of Commerce.

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