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Employer Compliance and Education Support
We support small businesses in California and federal worker law compliance so they can focus on running their businesses.  We provide comprehensive and as-needed advice and counsel at all stages: hiring, maintaining and retaining, supervising, and separating workers and employees.  We offer competitive pricing, and efficient yet thorough communication and work.
Our support will help ensure your company will be able to justify your actions under the law.  Below are some of our services.

  • Advice and counsel on general worker issues, such as worker classification, agreements, worker leave obligations.

  • Preparation and review of agreements, policies, worker correspondence and documents. 

  • Reviewing and drafting complete handbooks as well as individual policies: 

    • Work from Home Policies

    • Back to Work Policies and Procedures 

    • Worker Safety  

    • COVID-19 Policy

    • Mission, core values statement

    • At-will and modifications statement

    • Anti-Harassment Policy

      • Complaint and Investigation Procedure

    • Anti-Bullying Policy

    • Pregnancy Leave or Family Rights Act

    • Family Medical Leave

    • Mandatory Sick Leave

    • Equal Opportunity/Anti-Discrimination Statement

      • Policy for Reporting

    • Reasonable Accommodation Request

    • Performance Reviews

    • Discipline

    • Workdays, Work Weeks, Pay Days

    • Overtime, Meal and Rest Breaks

    • Vacation or Other Time Off

    • Other Types of Leave: Right to Vote, Bereavement or Jury Duty

    • Benefits (401K, Profit Sharing, Reimbursements)

    • Employee Conduct

    • Confidential, Trade Secret and Proprietary Information

    • Email, Social Media, Cell Phones

    • Acknowledgments for each policy


  • Complaint and investigation procedures.

  • Counseling small businesses to ensure compliance with the Labor Code, Wage Orders, and new laws.

  • Conducting sexual harassment and other worker training.