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Thank you

It is easy to forget to be grateful for the things, without which we could not exist as comfortably as we do. Some of these things include the freedoms and protections we have as U.S. residents, including laws that protect employees and employers. While these laws are not perfect, they provide at least some standards for workplace relations. Something else to be grateful for are the lawyers, who fight to make these laws better. Importantly, we should be grateful for the clients, who have the courage to stand up for themselves, to take the unpopular position, and to deter others from violating employment laws. Thank you for inspiring us and reminding us why we do what we do. Thank you also to the mentors, teachers, colleagues, friends and family who continue to support and guide. Without you, we would not have vision, skill, ability, and work. It is you, who give us opportunities, so that we can cast our nets wider. You provide motivation, so we can be better at our crafts, and so that we can, in turn, provide our clients with excellent service. It is you, who help us survive as small business owners. Special thanks to Law Offices of John Ota, as just one of the many who have helped us by providing mentorship, opportunities, work and so much more. The Firm also thanks Katherine Korlacki, Professional Organizer, Marie Bowser Acupuncture, Juan Jimenez, and many others who have provided opportunities to share our work. Happy Thanksgiving.

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